I found Gemma to be a fantastic coach who listened to the goals I wanted to achieve and helped guide me to making them a reality. Gemma was easy to talk to and was equally committed to helping me reach my goals within the time frame I had stated at the beginning of our sessions. I would highly recommend Gemma as a coach.


I found the sharing circle cosy, welcoming and relaxing…All your sessions have a friendly and calming vibe.


I came along to a lunchtime mindfulness session and reminded me how much it grounds me and helps my ADHD to practice a few minutes a day, I haven’t made time to come back but have checked in with myself so much more…


In a perfect world we would have time and presence of mind to reflect on our experiences and move forward with our lives taking that learning with us.

But, the world has a tendency to work against us, to drag us down, which make doing that work by ourselves very tough. So, find someone who is qualified and caring, who understands the ups and downs of life and who will be there to really help you understand what is going on for you, and you can do that easily by getting Gemma as your coach. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


I went to a talking circle with Gemma…Initially apprehensive we together spent time concentrating on simple breathing techniques and focused on nonjudgmental listening. Very grounding, calming and special to find “me” time in a safe confidential space. Gemma facilitated this session beautifully and I spent time reflecting for the next day as well.


I went to a Ecstatic Dance session with Gemma…Gemma’s gentle and non judgemental nature, created a beautiful space for me to embrace the experience. I had a lovely time dancing and connecting with nature in a new way that was really special. I felt so grounded and happy after session.


Coaching sessions with Gemma were well structured and she helped me sort through my own thoughts and point myself in the right direction. Being new to coaching, I was a little hesitant at first but having someone to bounce ideas off who really listens and takes on board what you’re saying was extremely beneficial for me. Gemma is genuinely a great listener and provided a brilliant coaching experience overall.

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