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121 Empowerment Coaching

I offer 121 Empowerment Coaching. I suggest a 6 week container to work together every week or every other week. An example might look like:

Week 1: What do you want? Just like a physical journey you need to understand where you are trying to get to before you set off. We talk about all the things you have and want in your life and then focus in on 1, 2 or 3 goals.

Week 2: Shine the goal. Once you have decided what you want, I support you to explore what is happening now and get excited about what it will look like when you get there, creating realistic actions towards (each) goal.

Week 3: Options & Barriers. Often there can be lots of options and barriers so discussing them helps you focus on which options you want and which barriers you are willing to overcome to get to your destination.

Week 4: Review. We take a moment to review where we are now, looking back at the first 3 weeks. Sometimes you have got what you want so we celebrate that and look at what else you want? Or maybe the barriers are still getting in the way or your focus has changed. This is a great point to take stock.

Week 5: Keep shining. I support you to explore more on what is happening now, get excited about the (new) goal(s), look at more options and barriers and focus on what will you do.

Week 6: Close & Reflect. We will spend time closing our time together and reflecting. If you wish to continue working with me we can discuss that and/or we can put a date to check back in. I include a 3 month 1 hour check-in as part of your journey.

If this sounds interesting to you, I’d love to discuss further. Please pop a Discovery session in with me.

Weekly (afterwork) relaxation session

Do you need to relax? Want to chill out? Need a break? Need a reason to carve out some time for you?

I will guide you through a gentle relaxation session inviting you to connect with your breath and your body. I’ll include some breathwork, mindfulness and somatic techniques alongside some gentle music.

There are 5 spaces each session so it will be cosy and intimate with space to sit or lie down depending what you prefer. Bring your own yoga mat and/or a blanket and I have some too.

I am holding (afterwork) relaxation session, 5:30-6:30PM weekly each Tuesday at Infinite Wellbeing Treatment Room (just down from the Community Centre on Market Street). £5 and Pay As You Feel after.

Monthly sharing circle

I create a nurturing calm space where you feel held, listened to and seen – escaping life’s distractions for a couple of hours. My sharing circles focus on connecting you with your breath and your body. You will have a chance to share how you are feeling and listen to others in group. I start and end by connecting you to your breath and your body. We share wellbeing practices we find helpful with each other too.

I am holding monthly sharing circles, 7-9PM on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Infinite Wellbeing Treatment Room (just down from the Community Centre on Market Street). June. There are 7 spaces with me. £10 each.

Wheel of the Year Celebrations

I celebrate the Wheel of the Year creating space for you to be.

These celebrations are every 6 weeks and they are a two hour container for you to be in. I create a calm, cosy, nurturing space. There’s always herbal tea and a yummy treat to share together. Each session is slightly different depending on the celebration and I will invite in mindful breathing, sharing and creating together and lots of space for you to be. I create playlist alongside each celebration for you and there are often things to take away with you like plant seeds, painting canvasses and journals.

The next celebration is Litha on Thursday 20 June, 7-9PM at Shipley Community Garden. £15 a ticket and a Pay As You Feel.

Celebrating Cycles

Do you want to connect with your self, others and the world around you more? Are you looking to make changes and not sure where to start?

I have found connecting with nature and my own body as well as learning about cycles and how they interlink so beneficial for my mental and physical health. We’ll be looking at the seasons including the day and lunar cycles, menstruation, breathing, digestion and rest as well as the creative cycle.

Celebrate natures cycles and your own to create more space in your life.

Wellbeing Days

I am open to creating and delivering Wellbeing days with other Complementary Therapists, Facilitators and Space Holders. You can include one or more of my offerings in an existing Wellbeing day too. If you would like to hold a Wellbeing day for a group of 10 or less please contact me and we can discuss.

My day rate is £240 for 8 hours. I am open to discussing other options especially for local groups, charities, CICs, voluntary organisations and similar bodies.

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